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Ask a group of tequila drinkers what the best tequila is, and you're sure to spark a passionate debate. There are several top tequilas made today, and what constitutes the best is a matter of personal taste. One may be bolder than another. One may be smoother than another. With that in mind, there are a few qualities that top shelf tequila will naturally have.

Tequila is a spirit, which is distilled from the fermented sugar juices of blue agave plants found in 180 municipalities authorized by the Standard Official Mexican Norm. All municipalities in Jalisco and some of the municipalities in the Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit and Tamaulipas States are authorized. Most people think tequila comes from Tequila, in the Jalisco region, but tequila can come from any of the municipalities authorized to produce the liquor.

They are then bottled at the source. Anything less will be an inferior tequila. The best tequilas will be easily drinkable with a stimulating bite as they go down the throat, and should give the drinker a warm, pleasant feeling. Lesser tequilas may be scratchy or burn the throat.

Getting the Best Tequilas to the Marketplace
At Monter Internacional de Mexico, we are proud to work with business partners producing some of the world's best tequilas. We also work with private labels in our distilleries to constantly search for ways to make better and better tequilas to introduce to the world. We make sure our business partners' tequilas are managed properly every step of the way. From the premium, unique, or standard packaging choice to post-sale services, at Monter International de Mexico, we make sure all our tequilas are treated with the care and consideration they deserve. Together, we create the best tequilas for the best markets!

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