Cheap Tequila

Cheap tequila has a harsh diesel fuel flavor. Cheap tequila will always be a "mixto," that is, at least 51 percent agave and at most 49 percent from another source like sugar cane. Cheap tequila has given birth to many a hangover over the centuries as it is typically not distilled properly and has many impurities that the body must fight.

Cheap tequila will not only taste cheap, but will most likely have a cheap bottle and packaging to go along with it. The distributor will be looking to cut corners wherever possible. A good tequila is supposed to have an up-lifting effect and cheap tequila does not have this effect at all.

The Difference Between Cheap and Inexpensive
Inexpensive tequila, however, is another matter, and there are several products on the market that are of good quality as well as being affordable. Premium tequilas will naturally be more expensive, but it is not necessary to spend your life savings on a decent bottle of tequila. An ever-expanding market has made sure to cater to every taste, lifestyle and budget, so look around and you'll be sure to find a suitable tequila.

At Monter Internactional de Mexico, we will not deal in cheap tequilas. They may have a place on the market, but we do not encourage it. Tequila is a source of national Mexican pride and should be exported at its finest possible quality. We do, however, work with business partners that make quality and premium tequilas at inexpensive prices. Good Value tequila. This is achieved not by lowering the quality of the drink, but rather by properly managing the business and exportation. Whatever you need is our need, too, and we have it for you. Your business is our mission.

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