Fake Tequila

There are many fake or pseudo tequilas around. Then it is recommendable to be alerted and knowing to distinguish between a fake one from the real one.

Therefore we highly suggest asking for mainly covering the next points by your exporter or seller:

  1. Certificate of Origin from the Mexican Secretary of Economic.
  2. Certificate of Export from the Mexican Tequila Regulatory Council.
  3. Co-Responsibility Contract celebrated before Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property. And before the Tequila Regulatory Council in Mexico.*
  4. The label must have the NOM and Tequila Regulatory Council seal on. Even front or back label.
  5. The Tequila must have at least 51% of Blue Agave.

* Only applies when it is private label or bulk exportation.

If you are already importing and they have not covered those elements, you might be in trouble with the law buying a fake tequila. It has happened that even the importer or buyer has gone to the jail to be selling fake tequila no mater if they are outside of Mexico.

In Monter Internacional de Mexico we assist you to get a real tequila as you deserve accomplishing with all the regulations.

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