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Mexican tequila is tequila. Anything claiming to be tequila that is not made in Mexico, specifically in the Jalisco region or parts of the Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit and the Tamaulipas regions, is an imposter. Tequila must further be made from at least 51 percent blue agave and certified by the strict determination of the Mexican government.

Foreign producers of tequila do exist, but they are operating outside both the spirit and the laws concerning tequila. As part of a free-trade deal with the European Union, for example, 60 lines of non-Mexican tequila were ordered to drop the name. Further, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled that liquor called tequila must come from Mexico.

Tequila production starts by harvesting mature blue agave plants and slowly cooking the hearts in an oven. They are then crushed to extract the sugar from the starch. The sugar is then allowed to ferment and is distilled twice before being left to age in oak barrels. The result is the wonderful liquor we know as tequila.

Knowing What Tequila Is
At Monter Internacional de Mexico, we know good tequila. We work with some of the finest producers of the drink the world has ever known, and we do so proudly. We are also involved with the developing of new tequilas through our business partners and self-owned distilleries. The tradition and history of tequila is a source of national pride in Mexico. We at Monter International de Mexico are doing everything in our power to expand and enrich that fine tradition and make your business run!

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