There is a mythical quality surrounding Mezcal. It is, like tequila, a strong spirit made from the agave plant. But the reason mezcal has become famous around the world is because of the worm that can be found in certain bottles. The worm is actually a caterpillar that feeds on the agave, and is either white or red, depending on the particular plant. Legend has it that the worm is both an aphrodisiac and hallucinogen.

Mezcal is made on a local level throughout Mexico and is held in high regard by the locals. It has social, medicinal and ceremonial uses that date back many centuries. Sadly, much of the commercially sold mezcal is quite cheap and has tarnished the spirit's standing in the world. But it should not be discounted as a premiere alcohol.

All Tequila Is Mezcal, But Not All Mezcal Is Tequila
Anything made from the agave plant is technically mezcal, so this would include tequila. But tequila, unlike other forms of mezcal, is made from blue agave and must adhere to strict governmental regulations. Mezcal, however, should not be discounted. Premium versions of the drink can be quite sophisticated, producing a smoky taste that can be quite pleasant.

At Monter Internacional de Mexico, we work with business partners in the exportation of mezcal, one of the world's least understood and least appreciated spirits. By educating the market about the taste of premium mezcal, we hope to bring an awareness of this oft-maligned liquor. Mezcal has a history that dates back as far as tequila, and we are proud to work with our clients to export it to the world's markets. Drink the worm of the Gods!

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