Premium Tequila

The real premium tequila must be made from 100 percent blue agave and bottled at the original distillery in one of the 180 municipalities authorized to produce tequila by the Standard Official Mexican Norm. Other tequilas must be at least 51 percent blue agave, and can be exported in bulk to be bottled elsewhere. Premium tequila is fast becoming an international favorite and is often drunk straight so as not to let other flavors interfere with its purity.

Premium tequila rose 15 percent in sales between 2003 and 2004. The sophisticated aging processes that tequila makers are using, like storing their goods in oak caskets anywhere from two months to over a year, has ushered in a new type of tequila drinker. What was once thought of as the drink of choice for reckless college students is quickly taking its place side by side with cognac and brandy.

The Clean Taste of Premium Tequila
All 100 percent blue agave premium tequilas are double distilled, as are other tequilas, to diminish the drink's impurities. Contrary to its unfairly earned reputation, this distillation process makes all forms of tequila one of the world's cleanest spirits. To truly appreciate its qualities, premium tequila must be sipped and savored.

At Monter Internacional de Mexico, we work with global clients in the exporting of Mexico's finest premium tequilas and other liquors. It is our company's desire to generate not only value for our business partners, but to offer creative solutions to ensure excellence, profitability, and long-term business relationships. If you are in need of such services, we look forward to working with and for you today.

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